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CNG was officially incorporated on March 26, 2020 In Corona, CA. If you remember, that was just weeks after the outbreak of COVID-19 and our declared state of emergency. Since then, businesses have suffered losses. Today, Fear and uncertainty still threaten our livelihoods, communities and economies. We are still distanced and divided. Who knows if and when things will ever change?

In the midst of this plague, there remains hope.

I have gathered the top engineers and industry experts, tasked to provide highly affordable and highly effective solutions for dealing with the pandemic‘a effects. CNG IT can upgrade you to a cloud based system, with full capabilities for remote access for IT support. CNG software design can digitize, centralize, and automate your processes with custom software, catered your organization. CNG Marketing Solutions can provide any advertisement, including Digital marketing, with incredible lead generating automation.

Through our e-commerce solutions, emerging technologies, and CNG’s industry experts, sacrifices will no longer need to be made. You will soon know that businesses can evolve flourish and thrive, regardless of any pandemic. Together we are stronger. Only together can we be “moving towards a better tomorrow”

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