Christopher Nathan Garcia

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris has always believed in forward motion. Since the young age of 12, he began to craft his skills by gaining experience in retail management, chemical analysis, logistics, elderly care, project management, and mechanical engineering. Today, he is driven by a passion for helping others, through environmental engineering, charity and the creation of jobs.


Andre Newsome

Chief Sales Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Andre brings a wealth of experience to the CNG family. He will work tirelessly to close any deal, and will always have the client's best interest in mind. If you need a deal finalized, or are struggling to find sales for your product/service, you need Andre on your side.


Doctor Christopher Peacock

Chief Information Officer

Dr.P evangelizes new technology, and Road Mapping across industries, while maintaining a sense of humor. A dynamic and flexible leader who brings drive and a positive attitude, while driving innovations, internally and externally. Dr.P has big picture vision which helps achieve goals and company offerings to exceed expectations.

Expertise in many areas of Information Technology, in addition to Degrees in Business, IT-Network Architectural Design and a Ph.D. in IT specializing in Wireless networks. Dr.P has been an information technology professional at all levels of the industry and has at one point or another done all activities associated with Information technology, both hardware and software and development and design. Dr.P has been involved with all sizes of organizations, from start-ups to fortune 100 companies.

Dr peacock 2021-01-04 01_29_32.jpg

Scindia Dhanasekaran

Chief Technical Officer

Scindia's love of technology began at a young age, and deepened over time. Scindia believes that great products are created through a keen customer focus, ground-breaking ideas, precise engineering, and efficienct execution. Whether leading a large, global organization or a small pocket of talented technologists, Scindia strives to engage and empower the people around her. She is responsible for steering business towards new technologies, formulating robust technology-centric business strategies, and leveraging technical innovations to address complex challenges.


Alexander Javad

Chief Procurement Officer

Alex has dedicated his life to technology and its integration to business. Through his various ventures, he has gained the entrepreneurial aggression and familiarity with contracting processes to find and create the most equitable deal.


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