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  • America's Premiere CNG Conversion Centers

    Specializing In Gasoline & Diesel CNG Conversions
  • Hybrid Bi-Fuel CNG Conversions

    For Cars, Trucks & SUVs
  • Hybrid Diesel Dual-Fuel Conversions

    For Trucks & Semi's
  • High Performance CNG Conversions

    While Saving Up To 70% At The Fuel Pump
  • Innovative Luxury

    At A Price You Can Afford

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You may be eligible for tax credits or rebates to go towards your CNG conversion.


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Photo Gallery

We convert all types of vehicle(s) to CNG, here are just a few of our favorites.


Fueling Innovation.

CNG Innovations is nationally recognized as a front-runner for superior conversion opportunities on all types of vehicles while offering conversion prices well below the national average.  As the most economical and environmentally friendly fuel available today, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is the answer to America's energy crisis.  Not only is it abundant, it is right here under our feet in the U.S.

  • 70% Fuel Savings
  • Safer Than Gasoline
  • American Fuel
  • Extends Vehicle Life

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